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What level of security does Earnnest use?

Earnnest uses a two-step authentication process for access and provides multiple levels of security within the app.


At Earnnest, we make earnest money secure and simple:

  • We validate escrow accounts before they are available to use.
  • We are not a wire transfer.
  • We are OWASP top 10 compliant.
  • We provide bank level encryption.
  • We never see or store account and routing numbers.
  • We use multi-factor authentication.
  • We utilize tokenization to represent user data during the transfer.


Earnnest is built from the ground up to secure real estate payments. Earnnest uses the 256-bit AES encryption standard chosen by financial institutions and the U.S. government. This standard is the most advanced and secure encryption algorithm. This means you have the ability to fund your earnest money payment while keeping sensitive banking information secure. To be clear — Earnnest cannot (and does not want to) access the encrypted portal through which you select your funding bank. This means we never handle any sensitive information. This is good news for you and for us.

Personally Identifiable Information

Due to federal laws like the Patriot Act, Earnnest will need to verify your identity. We have partnered with industry leader, Dwolla, to make verification fast and secure. We will ask you for information including your legal name, current address, and the last four digits of your Social Security Number. The same level of encryption we use to select funding is used to submit personally identifiable information to Dwolla. Also, Earnnest does not store this information so there’s no possibility for a malicious party to access it later.

Download our guide to Earnnest security.